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Social media upsets marketing and advertising practices

Social Media is disrupting our experiences of time, distance and social interactions. Successful businesses can no longer be happy doing what they have always done, because they understand the need to constantly adjust to the ever-evolving nature of social-interactions for businesses. Effective websites are designed to use media as a tool in their business, engaging real-time customer feedback. They employ their social media feedback to improve their products and customer service.

Regardless of their size or type, every business that intends to grow uses social media to design their advertising/marketing campaigns and to expand their product lines while improving their customer service. Marketing with their customers on social media enhances the potential of success. Businesses that learn to use their evolving social media connections are insuring their continued growth, even though this means their business model is evolving.


Are you engaging your customer's when they use social media?

Are you using social media to promote your website?

Imagineering Design will build or rebuild your website making it Social Media friendly. We will create accounts for you on the specific social media used by your future customers. This may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest or others appropriate to your business. Most successful large and medium sized companies engage in a variety of the low-cost social media advertising options. What do you need to do? You need to keep up!

Do you know how to attract influence using social media?

Let the Imagineers help you build your social media infrastructure so that it will generate leads, customer loyalty, and improve your website’s SEO. Your new social media customers will expect more consistent “personal” interaction with you than your non-social-media customers. You will need someone to respond quickly and credibly to all questions and complaints posted on social media or your business will suffer.

Have you considered publishing your tech support documents online?

There are many platforms that allow non-technical web users to easily create and publish content online, including blogs, video blogs, PDFs, and e-books. As you begin to share useful well written content on social media, you will develop a status as a 'thought leader', which will produce more website traffic and improve your page ranking and result in additional income.

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Do you know the benefits of having a blog?

The benefits of having a company blog, on which you regularly post helpful content, is primarily attracting more ‘brand advocates’ (consumers who sing your praises online) and improving your SEO. There are 31 million bloggers in the U.S. alone. If you don’t have someone on staff able to take on this responsibility, Imagineering Design can assist with this project.

Do you respond quickly and effectively to online customer feedback?

Are you having trouble responding to customer feedback? Let us manage this task for you. We take our social media services very seriously because we know that even one damaging complaint, if not dealt with effectively, can go viral and damage your brand.

Do you have an integrated communications system in place?

We create and oversee a central portal for all your social media communication including built-in analysis. This streamlines and enhances the quality of your marketing and business planning.

Need help?

Let Imagineering Design help you develop an online strategy tailored to your specific industry and customer base. The virtually limitless options can be overwhelming without the support of skilled social media professionals. Contact Imagineering Design today and let's talk about what you have in mind.